Friends of Clan Macpherson Museum

Membership Year 2017

Welcome to The Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. To learn more about The Friends, visit the "Support Us" page. The following people have become Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. We thank them for their support.

Sir William Macpherson of Cluny & Hilary Lady Burnham
Alasdair & Penny Macpherson of Pitmain, England
Alexander Macpherson Pitmain, England
Bill & Jan Macpherson, Scotland
Ewen & Margaret MacPherson, Scotland
Chris & Margaret Gillies, Scotland
Guenter Mascheck, Germany
Angus & Valerie Macpherson, Scotland
Ian & Suzy Macpherson, England
Jerome & Annie Le Roy-Lewis, Scotland
Chantal Macpherson, Canada
Jean McPherson Richardson, Scotland
Ken & Carolyn Croker, US
Jeffrey & Janet Gouk, Northern Ireland
Jim & Christine Love, Scotland
Lochy Macpherson, Scotland
Bruce & Michelle Macpherson, Scotland
Denise Lagundzin, Canada
Donald Macpherson, England
Rev David & Mrs Jean Macpherson, England
Zandra Macpherson of Glentruim, New Zealand
John L Macpherson, Australia

Updated 16 January 2018