Friends of Clan Macpherson Museum

Membership Year 2023-2024

Welcome to The Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. To learn more about The Friends, visit the "Support Us" page. The following people have become Friends of the Clan Macpherson Museum. Thank you for your support.

When you are setting up your Friends standing order online, filling in the form alerts Valerie (and others) that you intend to renew. You’ll still have to inform your bank that the renewal is to take place, as Valerie cannot instruct your bank on your behalf. Thank you.

Chris & Margaret Gillies, renewal, Scotland
Michael A Macpherson, renewal, England
Jean Mcpherson Richardson, renewal, Scotland
Ian & Suzy Macpherson, renewal, England
Annie & Jerome Le Roy Lewis, renewal, Scotland
Valerie & Angus Macpherson, renewal, Scotland
Ewen & Margaret MacPherson, renewal, Scotland
Mrs Cluny Paget, new, England
Douglas & Helen Barton, renewal, Scotland
Zandra Macpherson of Glentruim, renewal, NZ
Macpherson Property, renewal, Scotland (Corporate)
Donald & Dorothy Macpherson, new, USA
Cathy Griffith, new, USA
Joyce Newport, renewal, USA
Günter Mascheck, renewal, Germany
Sabine Geimer, renewal, Germany
Donna 'Dee McPherson' Rucks, renewal, USA
Bonnie & George McPherson, new, USA
Adam de Totth, new, Australia
Marjorie & Allan Macpherson-Fletcher, new, Scotland
Ruiseart & Ceit Alcorn, new, Scotland
Bruce JS Macpherson, renewal, Scotland
Mihailo & Denise Lagundzin, renewal, Canada
James Jansen, renewal, USA
Morrigan Alcorn, new, Scotland
Jean Macpherson Duffy, renewal, USA
Ed Smith, new, Canada
Isabella Macpherson & Ross Turner, new, England
Dorothy Pearson,new, England
Prof. Philip Howard, OBE, new, England
Will Tulling & Jolanda van Hinthum, renewal, Netherlands
Tom Macpherson, renewal, Scotland
Alexander Macpherson Yr Pitmain, renewal Scotland
Alexander Macpherson, renewal, Scotland
Euan Kennedy, renewal, Scotland
Angela Crockett, renewal, England

Updated 15 Nov 2023