The Great Museum Roofing Quiz

All Macphersons, wherever they are in the world, have at some time in the past originated in Scotland and should have a reasonable knowledge of that country. This quiz is intended to test your knowledge of Scotland.

A handsome prize will be awarded to the winner. In the event of a tie the winner will be drawn from a bonnet. All proceeds will go to the Clan Macpherson Museum re-roofing project.

The answers will be published in Creag Dhubh 2021.

To enter the quiz (closing date 30 June 2020), you can download the question sheet from here and send with a cheque to the quizmaster, Sandy Macpherson, 39 Swanston Avenue, Edinburgh EH10 7BX, Scotland, or fill in the form below and pay on-line by Bank Transfer (UK members only) or, using PayPal, with Credit Card. PLEASE, PLEASE WILL UK PEOPLE PAY BY CHEQUE OR BANK TRANSFER. It costs the Association roughly £4 for every £100 paid via PayPal/Credit Card; with overseas people having no choice but to pay that way, it soon mounts up. If you are in the UK you can help to keep it to a minimum.

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Who am I?

(a) An early encounter with a spider helped my nation’s fortunes

(b) I kept right on to the end of the road

(c) My home suggests a senior monk crossing a river

(d) I used to deliver milk but now I have a licence for more serious business

(e) Fabulous, I live in a Highland loch

What are the following?

(a) An Andrea Ferrara

(a) A stickit minister

(c) A lum hat

Who or what was Burns addressing in the following extracts?

(a) “Fair fa’ your honest sonsie face”

(b) “Auld Hornie, Satan, Nick or Clootie”

(c) “Ye ugly, creepin, blastit wonner”

What is the connection between National Parks in the USA and Dunbar, East Lothian?

Where are “Nicky Tams” worn?

Which Highland Clans allegedly have?

(a) A crooked nose

(b) A twisted mouth

What are the English equivalents for the following Gaelic names?

(a) Seumas

(b) Tearlach

(c) Iain

Where are?

(a) The Royal Mile

(b) The Dark Mile

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