The Museum Tour

The floor plans shown shows the general layout of the museum and the exhibits. The tour menu sequence was chosen to provide a guide as to the best way to view and appreciate the Story of the Clan Macpherson. Also shown are broad classifications or "chapter headings" to provide a 'quick' view of specific aspects of that story.

As most computer screens are limited in the size of a figure that can be displayed, the floor plan was divided into sections and submenus developed to aid in accessing specific panels within a section. As with the menu order, the panel numbering indicates the best sequence to follow the museum story. To gain access to a particular section submenu, either 'click' on the desired section in the picture or the section letter in the boxes below. An index is provided to aid in locatng specific topics of interest. An abbreviated index is provided on each of the secton displays.

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Museum Hall plan
Drumochter Room Retired